Olivia’s Christmas outfit.

I did a little skirt for Olivia to wear to her Christmas concert at school.  I had to radically edit the amount of ruffles it had because I thought I had more fabric than what I actually had.

As in, it had no ruffles.  It was a simple little A-line skirt that I drafted from her measurements.  The fabric I used was a stretch velour.  It feels wonderful — it is so soft and luxurious.

That fabric, however, also caused me to curse more than I thought humanly possible, so perhaps it was a good thing that I was not trying to add three layers of ruffles.  It shifts, and creeps, and does not stay put.  I had to pin it every half inch or so, which is more than I usually pin anything.

But, Olivia loved it, so it was a success.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it is black.  I have come to the realization that my rapidly-approaching-forty* year old eyes do NOT like working on black things.  Especially ripping out seams, which I had to do a few times because of the creeping/shifting nonsense.

We picked up a new grey shirt for her to complete the outfit, and I have to say, it was a nice overall look.  In the picture, the shirt looks purple, but it’s grey.

Aren’t those are quite the boots?  Olivia picked them out when we were back-to-school shopping.  I really wasn’t so fashion-conscious when I was eight.

I figured since it was a Christmas concert, she needed something a little Christmas-y, so a new hair thingy was in order.  I was going to create something original, but since this was yesterday afternoon, and the concert was last night, there would be no re-inventing the wheel.  I googled “felt poinsettia” and found a tutorial from Tidy Mom.  It’s a nice little tutorial, and her pictures are so pretty and, well,  styled. In my pictures, you will see my cutting mat in all its covered-in-pen-and glitter-glue glory.

Her tutorial is for a pin, and I wanted to make a hair clip, so I’ll show you where I veered off course.  Oh, and I made my felt base circle two inches instead of three…I didn’t want it too big.

To paraphrase her tutorial…cut your shapes…

Glue them on your circle…

Attach sparkly gem in center.

When I glued on mine, I really mashed it into the center, to give it some dimension, and to make sure that all the layers were well-stuck together.

I cut a second two inch circle as a backing for my clip, and measured where I wanted it situated.  This is one of those Goody snap clips that you get from the drugstore — usually in a package of five.

I made a snip where the center bar meets the body of the clip.

Insert the bar of the clip through the snip you made.

My New Year’s resolution is to polish my nails more.  Maybe moisturize my hands a little more often, too.  {{Yikes}}

And, here’s what the other side looks like…

This is the side that gets glued to the bottom of the flower.  Use a lot of hot glue, but only put it to about 1/4″- 3/8″  away from the edge…you do not want gobs of hot glue oozing out of the sides.

While the glue is still warm (and if you work quickly, it will still be warm in the layers of petals), I mold it in a concave  convex dome shape.  I’m thinking convex is the right word, but I’m too lazy to look that up at the moment.   I find it fits better to your wearer’s head when you do that.

Ok…this one is blurry, but you can see what I’m trying to get across…a nicely rounded shape.

I snapped the clip to an elastic headband, and it was done!

Now to try it on my model…

And here’s a closeup…

*Note to my husband, who reads this occasionally — see?  I can admit that I am aging when I want to.  I just choose not to.

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